@ The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, 2019

a black body is only visible in the night
always visible against light
the world i exist within is consumed
by black
by white 
how can my body shape shift?
shrink and stretch
to whatever i see fit
my performance
a body pinned to a wall
left to hang and then to fall
our strange fruit ripened
then consumed
by all
how do the whites of walls highlight brownness and blackness?
each person has a use
for a colonised body
each person has a use
has a use 
if i imagine my body
in the form of tights
brown – hard to find.
stretched. tired. fragile.
yet secure and strong
springing back to life
continuing to rise. 
what does it mean to have a multi-purposeful body?
sand weights
don’t wait
to weigh
when hurston said
‘i feel most coloured when i am thrown against a sharp white background’ 
she put it best.
how does the gallery reflect
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