Natasha Thembiso Ruwona is a Scottish-Zimbabwean artist, researcher and film programmer.  They are interested in Afrofuturist storytelling through the poetics of the landscape, working across various media including; digital performance, film and writing.  Their current project Black Geographies, Ecologies and Spatial Practice is an exploration of space, place and the climate as related to Black identities and histories.  Natasha is interested in different forms of magic and is in particular drawn to the power of the moon.
They are a Submissions Viewer for Glasgow Short Film Festival, Producer for ID.Y, a Committee Member for Rhubaba, Board Member of the CCA, and Assistant Curator for Fringe of Colour.

research interests 

water - hydrocolonialism, hydrofeminism, scottish rivers, ports and dock
ecologies - black + queer, plants, herbology, aromatherapy
black geographies - places, built and natural environment, migration, being black in nature
scotland's black history - infrastructures and figures
afrofuturism - Black technologies, time
digitalscape - Creating other worlds and non worlds
psychogeography - How histories impact on how we feel and relate to the spaces we are in
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