Natasha Ruwona is an Afrofuturist dreamer interested in thinking from an apocalyptic perspective that considers the uses of hauntology and counter-memories in understanding contemporary Black identities.  Natasha's work explores Black Geographies through Scotland's Black History using a Zimbabwean Diasporic lens. 
Natasha completed a curatorship for Africa in Motion Film Festival 2019 and was selected as Film Hub Scotland's New Promoter for Glasgow Short Film Festival's 2020 and 2021 edition.  They are a Project Coordinator for the collective UncoverED - a student-led project researching into the global and imperial history and present of the University of Edinburgh.  Natasha is also an Assistant Producer for Claricia Parinussa, a Committee Member for Rhubaba, and a Submissions Viewer for Glasgow Short Film Festival.

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