Memory of the Future, Scottish BAME Writers Network 

Race, Rights and Sovereignty lecture series, Glasgow School of Art, Afrofuturism and Spacial Practices
Performance Lecture + Discussion,

Scottish Artists Union Event Series, performance lecture, September.

Govanhill International Festival and Carnival, Community building and anti-racism: zine-making, Glasgow Zine Library, August. 

NACWG Online Youth Circle, Intersectionality workshop, August.

Department of Dreams, Afro-Futurism + Spatial Practices: A Remix (performance lecture) Maps + Manifestos: Towards The Future (workshop) Civic Square, throughout June.

Glasgow Zine Festival, DIY: Manifestos For The Future Glasgow Zine Library, Online workshop, May.

No School! Afro-Futurism & Spatial Practices, Rhubaba, Online performance lecture and Q&A, April.

Queen & Slim Zine Making - Love, Aesthetics + Representation, Centre for Contemporary Arts, workshop, January.

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