Memory of the Future, Scottish BAME Writers Network, November.

Race, Rights and Sovereignty lecture series, Glasgow School of Art, Afrofuturism and Spacial Practices
Performance Lecture + Discussion,

Scottish Artists Union Event Series, performance lecture, September.

Govanhill International Festival and Carnival, Community building and anti-racism: zine-making, Glasgow Zine Library, August. 

Origins Eile Exhibition for Dublin Fringe Festival, Online Screening, August.

Fringe of Colour Film Festival, Edinburgh, Online Screening, August.

NACWG Online Youth Circle, Intersectionality workshop, August.

Department of Dreams, Afro-Futurism + Spatial Practices: A Remix (performance lecture) Maps + Manifestos: Towards The Future (workshop) Civic Square, throughout June.

Glasgow Zine Festival, DIY: Manifestos For The Future Glasgow Zine Library, Online workshop, May.

No School! Afro-Futurism & Spatial Practices, Rhubaba, Online performance lecture and Q&A, April.

Queen & Slim Zine Making - Love, Aesthetics + Representation, Centre for Contemporary Arts, workshop, January.

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