Programme Coordinator, Race, Rights and Sovereignty at Glasgow School of Art, 2022-2023
Committee Member, Rhubaba Gallery & Studios, 2020-2023
Assistant Curator and Producer, Fringe of Colour Films
Assistant Producer, BUZZCUT Festival, 2022-2023
Club Residency Producer, BUZZCUT Festival, 2022-2023
Co-curator w/Tomiwa Folorunso, A Song in Three Parts, Glasgow Film Festival
We wanted to explore portrayals of Black health in film and cinema. To provoke conversation and thought around how health and race intersect, and what this intersection may look like in relation to gender/age/sexuality/geographical location/religion etc.

Programmer, Hydro Futures / Memory Ecologies Seminar Series, Rhubaba x The Institute for Postnatural Studies
Programmer, Storytelling Festival: Our Stories Between the Myths and Memories, David Livingstone Birthplace Museum x The Skinny
Our Stories Between the Myths and Memories invited creative practitioners of the African Scottish diaspora to contribute an offering at the David Livingstone Birthplace Museum.  Storytelling brings people together and is an important part of the varied cultures present in both Africa and Scotland, in addition to their shared histories.
Curatorial Residency, SALT - ENDLESS/BELLY, Art Walk Porty Festival
ENDLESS/BELLY brought together varied art forms that interrogate myth, spirituality and memory in response to Black Ecologies. Its title plays with the idea that the sea is spatiotemporal and that it holds history, dis/connects geographies and is entrusted to carry lives. ​​​​​​​
Curator, What Stories Shall We Tell? Glasgow Film Festival, w/Tomiwa Folorunso
As curators/programmers there is sometimes a pressure to justify the selection of the films you choose, and do not choose. In an attempt to release ourselves of that pressure, and to not be constricted to one theme alone, we asked ourselves and each other, ‘What stories shall we tell?’ Good stories that are truthful and imaginative. Stories made by Black filmmakers and stories that speak to Black experiences. Stories about love and family. Stories about decisions and consequences. Stories that encourage us to critique everyday norms. Stories that inspire us. Stories that feel joyful. Stories that we get lost in. These are the stories we shall tell.


Guest Curator, Beyond Bodies, Towards Waters, Abandon Normal Devices Festival​​​​​​​
We float, in search of answers or,
m e m o r i e s
In search of a sanctuary on or below wet surfaces.
Towards, or instead of, a body of water
We are all fluid, geographical bodies
Meeting and passing through estuaries
Meeting and passing through particles 
Meeting and passing
Water’s archive can be traced across its various bodies; oceans, rivers, ports, rainfall. Water is our beginning, and a mark of transition across and through passages. But what does it mean to become a body of water? It encourages a fluid sense of being – movement and memories in constant flux. Water is always speaking to us – this programme of films inspires us to pick up a shell and listen closely to its rhythmic stories.

Curator, Black Spatial Imaginaries Part 2, Glasgow Short Film Festival
June 2021 - July 2022 Young Person’s Programme Coordinator, Edinburgh Arts Festival
Programmed workshops led by selected artists and gallery trips for young people aged 11-13 who are part of SCORE Scotland. The project culminated in a Summer School and exhibition with artist Fadzai Mwakutuya, read more.
Assistant Curator, Fringe of Colour Films
Producer/Curator, Welcome To, Glasgow Film Festival, w/Tomiwa Folorunso
The programme Welcome To aimed to challenge the belief that Black people are not/can not be present in Scotland - temporally, metaphorically or ancestrally.  This film program was in two parts, Welcome To: A Focus on Black Women Filmmakers and Welcome To: Lineages of the Landscape.


Curator, Black Spatial Imaginaries, Glasgow Short Film Festival
Black Spatial Imaginaries re/considers the relationship of space within the natural and built environments towards the Black body through the period of now, defined as the afterlife of slavery (as described by Saidiya Hartman) and post-colonialism. It highlights the spacial hierarchy that exists that leads to bodies occupying/being occupied themselves.

September 2019 - April 2020 Project Coordinator for UncoverED, The University of Edinburgh
UncoverED was a student-led archival project which uncovered the University’s role in the imperial project and addressed that colonial legacy. The project launched in 2018 and was funded by Edinburgh Global.
Co-curator, Each Body Has a Use, Has a Use, Performance Event @ The Fruitmarket Gallery
Co-curator, In Conversation: Whiteness, Representation & Visibility, Seminar @ Dovecot Studios

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