WIP, Rest Care + Festivals, Developed for Live Art in Scotland Festivals Forum event, Summerhall
Drink in the Beauty review, Nothing Personal Issue 2, Available here


locating maritime memories; bodily movements, bodily moments, Grin: Expectations of Generosity, Available here
A response and continued conversation to theatre production Grin directed by Mele Broomes in collaboration with Kemono L.Riot, Divine Tasinda and Levent Nyembo. Community-building, refusals, friendship, support and networks of care grounds the development of Grin. This is a reflection of the Black experience in Scotland.

Review of Faya Dayi, Hyperallergic
What has not yet come: On climate crisis, colonialism, displacement, and ancestral inheritance in This Is Not a Burial, It’s a Resurrection, Early Career Critics Workshop, Berwick Film Festival

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