Island Time, Scotland and Venice
Between the Myths and Memories, David Livingstone Birthplace Museum Commission
Between the Myths and Memories is a pamphlet and repository for two commissioned works by Clementine Ewokolo Burnley and Natasha Thembiso Ruwona which premiered at the October 2022 event Our Stories Between the Myths and Memories, a partnership between David Livingstone Birthplace Museum and The Skinny.
Glasgow Short Film Festival, Film Essay, Flores del Otro PatioYarokamena, and Neighbour Abdi.

Scottish Black History as Hauntology, Hauntologies as Ecologies in (Un)Learning Through Architecture, Architecture Fringe, Available here
WIP, Rest Care + Festivals, Developed for Live Art in Scotland Festivals Forum event, Summerhall
Drink in the Beauty review, Nothing Personal Issue 2, Available here

locating maritime memories; bodily movements, bodily moments, Grin: Expectations of Generosity, Available here
A response and continued conversation to theatre production Grin directed by Mele Broomes in collaboration with Kemono L.Riot, Divine Tasinda and Levent Nyembo. Community-building, refusals, friendship, support and networks of care grounds the development of Grin. This is a reflection of the Black experience in Scotland.
Review of Faya Dayi, Hyperallergic
What has not yet come: On climate crisis, colonialism, displacement, and ancestral inheritance in This Is Not a Burial, It’s a Resurrection, Early Career Critics Workshop, Berwick Film Festival