Scottish Queer International Film Festival
Many Black Moons Ago, To Go 

Time as it is Queer.

Blackness as it is Queer.

What comes next after the end of the world?

A digital exhibition programme of Afrofuturist films and writings in response to the re/imagining of Black alternative future(s) with artists’ responses to the programme by Sequoia Barnes and Naomi Gessesse and a reading group led by Martha Williams.

Black Spatial Imaginaries, Glasgow Short Film Festival
How are Black people excluded/included within spaces and how does this relate to the wider context of their identities? Black Spatial Imaginaries explores the fluidity of Black communities through the concept of Black Geographies. This revised programme will include two new films from Alberta Whittle responding to the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement and COVID-19. Programmed by artist and curator Natasha Ruwona through the New Promoter scheme supported by Film Hub Scotland, the screening will be accompanied by a live streamed performance by DJ/Rapper/Producer Nova Scotia The Truth and a live discussion with arts educator and cultural producer Tanatsei Gambura.

By These Presents: First Nations Performance Shorts, DIVE IN Cinema, originally programmed for GSFF 2020.
This program contains a varied selection of performance-based short films created by First Nations Indigenous People of Canada. Through experimental formats which are often satirical, characters are created through costume and the utilisation of props to communicate stories that speak of Indigenous identities and experiences. What does it mean to perform and what freedom does performance give?

from tomorrow's yesterday's, reading group curator with Rhubaba
Afro-Futurism online reading group and discussion forum 

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