sunken and submerged into dreams of new worlds, i ask, i plead, must locate us in this time space history, do i recognise those as being so disparate from one another?  this burden of whiteness demands as such.  locating is one method of survival, tasked with dreaming beyond the given archival. 

Live adaptation of the writings locating maritime memories: bodily movements, bodily moments (Grin: Expectations of Generosity) and the ocean will always remember (MAP Magazine) for the Alchemy Festival April 2021. These writings were part of the year-long process of research surrounding water, which informed the moving-image film UMBILIC.
Performance featured new work by Khadea Kuchenmeister and new sound by Clara Hancock (previous UMBILIC collaborators).

How would it look by the light of the moon?  Hold up to the light and you’ll see very soon..

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